On Politics

So, I’m pissed about this.

I’m pissed that half the people that read this will not think it applies to them, when in actuality, it’ll apply to the gross majority of this audience (myself included). It seems to be an inherent quality of the internet, for people to bang their heads against a wall in the hopes that maybe that wall will come down. That wall, in this case, is the viewpoint of the opposing party. Protip: it won’t work.

What people don’t seem to realize is that, when you bang your head against a wall, it’s going to hurt you a whole lot more than it hurts the wall. I’m talking about conservatives bashing liberals and liberals bashing conservatives. Berating someone’s views, even opposing them at all, will not make them want to listen to you. This is why #Feel the Bern and “Bernie’s an evil socialist” only bring fire and brimstone onto every comment section they enter.

I just finished reading an article, which is what sparked this whole spontaneous puddle of word vomit–or, more specifically, the comment section of an article. There was a string of comments that read something like this:

I won’t listen to anything you have to say, because you said this one thing I disagree with. You are so closed-minded.

Actually, the thing I said that you disagreed with is right because it just is. You’re wrong.

Stuff like this is what makes me mad. It seems that when the explicitly-stated viewpoints are taken out of the equation, it’s easy to see the redundancy in the arguments. Because honestly, the opinion doesn’t matter if the support for it sucks.

Am I banging my own head against a wall by preaching this to the internet? Yes. I just hope that, in my own attempts at rationality, I can persuade others to put a helmet on.

You’re going to read this.

Or maybe you’re not. I don’t know. Actually, if we’re being technically correct here, I’m a post on a website, not an omniscient being, so I wouldn’t know. And technically correct is the best kind of correct.

Did that paragraph scare anyone off? No? That’s goo- oh, nope, there goes someone in the back. Goodbye, sir! Have fun on a different website! Okay. Now, for those of us who are still here… I write stuff. Sometime’s it’s good stuff.

Time’s just humanity’s way of counting irrelevance.

Sometimes it’s crap.

Every day I have a start. Every day I have a part. Every day I have a feeling I’m gonna have a sweetheart. All you really need is heart.

(I wrote that last thing when I was six or something. Message for past me: Get your freaking crap together, six-year-old. I mean, I have had to claw my way up from this level. Be better at writing, please.)

I like when people read the stuff I write. That’s why I’m writing on the internet, for literally anyone to see except the large bunch of people who are living their lives internet-less. But even more so, I write for myself. I write because my head’s a little too full, sort of like that cup of Pike Place from Starbucks that drips sneakily onto your pants on the walk back to your car. There’s a lot of things banging around in there. That makes for a not-optimally-functioning brain and quite a few “special” moments. In the course of writing this post, I

  1. Broke my computer chair.
  2. Ate pulled pork with a spoon.
  3. Became hyper-aware of the little squishing noises made while chewing food.
  4. Wrote that last thing. What the heck was that.

It was the truth, and that’s what I’m going to write on this blog, darnit. Actually, me, you’re going to take all sorts of creative license. Luckily, you’ve struck out this sentence so no one can read it. You sneaky, sneaky liar, you. So yes. The whole, unembellished truth.

Have fun reading it.